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Hannover: Expo 2000 SeriesIn 2000 the world exhibition took place in Hannover - Pelikan's hometown! The company took this opportunity to bring out a series of limited edition pens. The exhibition's motto was "Humankind, Nature, Technology" and three different Toledo sleves were developed - inspired by these three subjects.

Nature - 1999Part of Pelikan's Hannover: Expo 2000 series, the Nature Fountain Pen features a design of Ammonites. Although they have been extinct for millions of years they are some of the most common and best preserved fossils. In medieval Europe, fossilised ammonites were thought to be petrified coiled snakes, and were called "snakestones". Although we now know differently, this certainly demonstrates their iconic nature - seen by so many people throughout the ages. Ammonites are excellent 'index fossils', and it is often possible to link the rock layer in which a particular species is found, to specific geological time periods - in some ways they can be seen as a key to unlocking the secrets of nature from millions of years ago!

The Nature Fountain Pen was released in 1999, as part of the build up to the world exhibition, and was a limited run of 1999 pieces.

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Price: 1.150,00