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Limited Edition Fountain pen


Limited Edition 300

Year: 1995
Namiki 18K 750 gold #10 Size Bold (B) Nib

In Asia the white tiger has long been a symbol of strength, power and otherworldly grace. Its likeness was painted on sanctuary walls to dispel evil spirits. Its image graced the shields of soldiers going to battle, the entrances to important structures, and the prows of the Emperor's mightiest ships. It was said that the white tiger would only appear when the Emperor ruled with absolute virtue, and peace would reign throughout the world.

The Namiki White Tiger was made in 1995 for the USA market. Maki-e artisan, Kyusai Yoshida was tasked to make this 300 pieces of limited edition to captivate the hearts of the pen collector market.
This magnificent pen depicts a crouching white tiger against bright red bamboo. Carefully handcrafted by KYUSAI YOSHIDA in powdered gold and vibrant colors, using a combination of togidashi and hiramaki-e techniques, its creation required 3 months. The results of this painstaking artistry are evident in every detail. One of Namiki's finest modern pens. Bold (B) 18K gold nib.

Mint condition, never inked or used, includes walnut wood collector box and matching Certificate of Authenticity. A Namiki ink bottle is also included.

Limited Edition 300.

Precio: 5.500,00
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