Montblanc Pix No. 172 Meisterstück Grey Striated Celluloid – Made in Spain for E. Weiseunverified ad

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Grey Striated Celluloid.long version. Fabricado en España por E. Wiese or Made in Spain for E. Weise

***** Very rare

There was a special Montblanc production carried out in Spain from the 40s to the 60s, this production was made by the German citizen ENRIQUE WIESE MIELE who was installed in Barcelona in 1936 and became Spanish national in 1939, three years later WIESE represented the fountain pen manufacturer Montblanc (the MONTBLANC brand had been registered in Spain in 1913 by the “Simplo Filler Pen Co.” of Hamburg, Germany).

During the 1940s, the MONTBLANC factory in Hamburg was destroyed by Allied bombing in World War II (Jens Rösler: “The Montblanc Diary & Collector’s Guide”). This fact, together with the great difficulties that imports suffered in Spain as a result of the of the civil war and the Spanish dictatorship under the command of Francisco Franco, led Enrique Wiese to look for alternatives and start manufacturing and distributing “MONTBLANC” in Spain. Around 1950, fountain pens and mechanical pencils appeared on the Spanish market with the brand name "MONTBLANC" with the engraved inscription "Manufactured in Spain by E. Wiese" (apparently, Enrique Wiese enjoyed a very good relationship with the regime's authorities, since it was not until 1959 that the economic situation began to change with the Stabilization Plan). Spain's production of MBs stopped once injection moulding technology was introduced in the late 50s and through the 60s. These very rare pens and mechanical pencil came in four bright and astonishing colours - grey stripe, brown stripe, green stripe, and black.

They have a special imprint on one side of the cap 'Fabricado en España por E. Wiese' or Made in Spain for E. Weise. More information in (Montblanc pens made in Spain) Martin Guillen, Jesus, Fragua

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