Fountain pen Urso Luxury “The Lion King ” SOLID SILVER 925 LIMITED EDITIONunverified ad

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Brand: Urso
Model: CFP0870R
guarantee: 24 months and lifetime assistence
materials: solid sterling silver 925
Nib: gold 18kt M
Charging System: converter or carteridges
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Limited editions 100 PCS

Strength and pride are the characteristics which give him the title of The King of the Animals.

Majestic is the adjective that best suits his shape and his royal gait.

Always men have been fascinated by this noble animal whose figure has influenced literature, architecture and visual arts.

We recognize in him features of courage fundamental to his existence, not so common in the mankind.

Quoting a famous African saying:

"...... .Every Morning in Africa, as the sun rises, no matter whether you are a lion or gazelle, the important thing is that you start to run."

Materials:  all handmade engravings in  Sterling silver 925


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