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The fountain pen is about 14 cm long (closed). Without cap, the length is 13.2 cm, the cap is attached, the fountain pen is 16.5 cm long.

The size of this Astoria thus corresponds to a Faber-Castell Pen-of-the-Year or a Montblanc 149.

The handle has a diameter of about 1.2 cm, so here is the fountain pen something "thinner" than a 149er. But this contributes (at least in my view) to writing comfort. A special feature of the handle is the material surface: this is easily "roughened", so you have the fountain pen always under control (I wonder why not another manufacturer used to come to this brilliant idea!).

The fountain pen itself is made of hard rubber; a material that was commonly used in writing instruments in the 1920s and 30s. Today, many writing instruments are made of "precious resin" (pronounced: Plexiglas) produced, this material makes it possible to produce writing instruments "by the mass" injection molding. With hard rubber this is not possible, the writing instruments are all made by hand on a lathe.

The fittings and the clip are made of silver. Disadvantage is that silver starts over time, but it also has a unique warm hue. The shape of the clip will be familiar to many collectors: it's a tie clip that was extremely popular in the 30s and 40s (and still is today!).

The loading system is by piston, and the nib is 18K gold rhodium-plated.

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Price: 850,00